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types of orange tropical fish

7 Stunning Types of Orange Tropical Fish (with pictures).

orange tropical fish

Tropical fish come in a gorgeous array of colours.

Some people like to have as many different colour fish in their tank as they can, while others like to have a fishy colour pallette.

This article will show you 7 different varieties of orange coloured tropical fish to inspire you.

Types of Orange Tropical Fish:

  • Orange Tiger Barb
  • Honey Gourami
  • Red Devil Cichlid
  • Glowlight Tetra
  • Orange Guppy
  • Midas Cichlid
  • Rust Cory

Important considerations when buying tropical fish.

Type of Aquarium you Want

There are 2 main different types of aquarium you can have-a freshwater one, or a saltwater one. There are pros and cons to both of them. The freshwater tanks are a lot easier for a beginner to the hobby, as it is easier to keep the water within the correct parameters, and many species of freshwater fish have more tolerance do fluctuations within those parameters.

Arguably, saltwater (or marine) fish tend to be much more vividly coloured, but they have little to no tolerance to a change in water quality. This is because in their natural habitat, seawater is much more stable.

Tank Size.

The size and shape of your aquarium and how many fish you already have always needs to be considered.

You also need to take into account if the fish need a planted tank or not.

Water Temperature.

Different species will thrive in different temperature ranges.

You need to be certain you are not adding fish to your tank that are going to be uncomfortable, and therefore distressed, in the wrong water climate.

Some species of fish can lose their bright colours if they are in the wrong water.

Tank Mates.

Some fish are known as community fish as they are chilled out and peaceful.

Unfortunately, not all fish are like that.

Make sure you check that the fish are good with other species before you introduce them to your tank.

7 Types of Orange Tropical Fish:

Orange Tiger Barb.

orange tiger barb tropical fish
Orange Tiger Barb

Orange Tiger Barbs are social fish, but they can border on being annoying due to their fin nipping habit.

They tend to cause trouble if on their own, or in a very small group, so it is always best to keep them in groups of at least 6. They will then tend to bicker amongst themselves, rather than pick on any of the quieter fish in your tank.

Orange Tiger Barbs grow to between 5-7cms as an adult. The males tend to be slimmer and brighter in colour.

You need a lid for this species as they are jumpers!

Honey Gourami.

honey gourami tropical fish
Honey Gourami

Honey Gouramis are peaceful fish, and can sometimes come across as shy, especially when first introduced to a tank.

They need vegetation for places to hide, as well as something to have a little nibble on if necessary!

Even though they need their security at the bottom of the tank, Honey Gouramis like to occupy the middle and top of the tank.

The male will go a lovely deep amber colour when in breeding condition. The females tend to be more silver in colour.

Red Devil Cichlid.

Red Devil Cichlid Tropical Fish
Red Devil Cichlid

These gorgeous creatures look like butter wouldn’t melt…

Wrong! The Red Devil Cichlid has a clue in the name, and it’s not Red or Cichlid!

Despite looking a bit like a Beluga Whale, they are unfortunately not as sociable as them.

The red Devil Cichlid can grow up to 38cms long, so you need a BIG tank.

They are not sociable and can be quite vicious, so no tankmates for this one, unless it’s some fellow Red Devil Cichlids that they have grown up with. Even then, you will need a MASSIVE tank so they don’t start kicking off at each other.

They are gorgeous to look at though, aren’t they?

Glowlight Tetra.

glowlight tetra tropical fish
Glowlight Tetra

This is another popular orange tropical fish. These little guys are easily recognised due to their orange stripe. This gets more prominent as the fish ages as well. They have a silver body that looks quite transparent.

Glowlight Tetras are small-approx 4cms fully grown, and they are a schooling fish so need to be in a group of at least 6.

They are peaceful and social, as well as lively and active, so they are a great addition to a community tank of similarly sized fish.

Orange Guppy.

orange guppy tropical fish
Orange Guppy

If you are looking for an orange tropical fish to add to your tank, look no further than an Orange Guppy!

Orange Guppies have come about due to being bred selectively to produce an orange coloured Guppy.

The males are the more colourful and tend to be smaller than the females.

They are very sociable and are perfect for a community tank.

Midas Cichlid.

Midas Cichlid Tropical Fish
Midas Cichlid

The Midas Cichlid has the same sort of temperament as the Red Devil Cichlid-aggressive and destructive.

They get their name from the golden colouring they can have.

The Midas Cichlid is not for the hobbyist, as firstly, you need a massive tank to house them, and secondly, they will most likely destroy anything in your tank.

They can grow to between 25-35cms in length.

Rust Cory.

corydoras rabauti tropical fish
Rust Cory

The Rust Cory is part of the Catfish family. It has a lovely rust colour, which looks amazing under the tank’s lights.

This peaceful species is best kept in groups of at least 6. They are a schooling fish, and being in a group makes them more confident and playful.

They tend to mostly hang out at the bottom of the tank, although they will venture to the top on a regular basis to get some air, so make sure you have space between your water level and your lid.

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