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About Fish Tank Savvy.

Fish Tank Savvy has been created to educate the complete beginner on everything to do with starting their own freshwater aquarium.

I have gone to great lengths to write articles that are informative, well researched, and easy to understand.

About Allison.

I’ve been interested in everything related to tropical freshwater fish for over 30 years.

My earliest memories of fish as pets go back to when I was about 7 or 8, and I would spend hours watching the fish in our aquarium at home, which I loved.

The wonderful world of Aqua-scaping is a massive interest to me, as well as how fishkeeping is beneficial to mental wellbeing.

I have recently set up my own aquarium and hope to pass on my knowledge to my son, who is loving the new addition to the home!

Keeping fish is such a rewarding hobby, as well as an inexpensive one too.